MoonRaise Airdrop & Private Sale Results

2 min readFeb 7, 2022


Airdrop Mechanism

Because of the huge interest in our private sale, not everyone will be able to participate. To compensate and reward all early supporters we are hosting an airdrop. This is a guaranteed airdrop and not a lottery. The total airdrop will be 1,000,000 MRT tokens and will be airdropped to ticket holders relative to the size of the total valid tickets.

For example, if you have 10 tickets and there is a total of 10000 tickets, you will receive 1,000 MRT tokens.

Registration Summary

  • Total registrations: 127,168
  • Total valid registrations: 107,750
  • Total tickets: 1,112,777
  • Total valid tickets: 967,595
  • Total user with referrals more than 200: 200
  • Tickets per user: ~ 8.98
  • MRT per ticket: ~ 1.03

All users who show signs of cheating during registration such as: using multiple accounts on the same device, using multiple telegrams, email, Twitter accounts with suspicious signs, or users not doing enough steps required, we do not recognize their results. If your registration is denied and you have proof that you are not breaking our rules then you can file a complaint with our admin team via telegram for assistance.

Airdrop Distribution

The airdrop will be distributed from March 15 until the end of March 30. You will have to prepare a small amount of BNB as a transaction fee to claim tokens to your personal wallet.

Private Sale Whitelist

After 3 rounds of whitelist calling, 6000 lucky wallet addresses were selected to participate in the private sale round. You can follow the list at here.

Private Sale Summary

  • Total Allocation: 5 million tokens (5% total supply).
  • Price: $ 0.08/MRT.
  • Event Venue: on our website
  • Amount of whitelisted addresses: 6000.
  • Allocation per address: 100–2000$ (payment by BUSD).
  • How to participate: First Come First Serve, Private Sale round will end when total allocation sold out or the purchase time expires.
  • Unlock time: 100% on March 9th.

The total amount sold is 2,255,658.059 MRT, which achieved 45.11 % total allocation for Private Sale . This is the transfer of the purchased token to the private-sale contract:
All remaining tokens (2,744,341,941 MRT) from the private sale will be transferred as a reward for staking