MoonRaise Airdrop & Private Sale Results

Airdrop Mechanism

Registration Summary

  • Total registrations: 127,168
  • Total valid registrations: 107,750
  • Total tickets: 1,112,777
  • Total valid tickets: 967,595
  • Total user with referrals more than 200: 200
  • Tickets per user: ~ 8.98
  • MRT per ticket: ~ 1.03

Airdrop Distribution

Private Sale Whitelist

Private Sale Summary

  • Total Allocation: 5 million tokens (5% total supply).
  • Price: $ 0.08/MRT.
  • Event Venue: on our website
  • Amount of whitelisted addresses: 6000.
  • Allocation per address: 100–2000$ (payment by BUSD).
  • How to participate: First Come First Serve, Private Sale round will end when total allocation sold out or the purchase time expires.
  • Unlock time: 100% on March 9th.



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